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4 Tips for a Successful Rental Application

While renting a house may seem like a tricky task, it isn’t that confusing as it may seem to be. All you have to do is research well, shortlist a few houses based on your requirements, and fill tenant application forms on time. But while you fill a tenant application, keep these tips at the back of your mind so that the entire process becomes simple for you.

1) Provide Maximum Financial Details

Landlords and real estate agents prefer applicants who have been stably employed in one job for quite some time. So make sure you provide in-depth information if you have been working at a place for more than a year. If you are a business person or a self-employed individual, provide details of your accountant, a bank statement showing savings, or references from a past employer. The maximum amount of details you provide in your tenant application, the more information you are giving the landlord to verify. After confirming your financial stability from multiple sources, the landlord will most likely approve your application.

2) Write a Cover Letter

The landlord and real estate agent may receive several tenant applications. They may not have enough time to go through every application form, perform background checks, and then select the right tenant. They may just look at some interesting points that meet their expectations and finalize a tenant. Thus, write a few paragraphs about who you are, what you do for a living, and why you wish to move to this house. If you are a married person with kids, briefly introduce each family member. Give a brief rundown of your rental history, and make sure to mention any special pieces of information such as pets. Writing a cover letter with these details will increase your chances of getting the house of your dream.

3) Apply Online

The biggest advantage of the internet is that a lot of crucial tasks can be done online. Use this information to save time and fill our online tenant application form quickly. Forget printing, scanning, photocopying, stamping, and walking to the postbox; fill in a single form that automatically emails all your details to us. We will then help you find similar properties that meet your expectations.

But when filling the online tenant application form, make sure you fill every credential carefully and correctly. If you miss out on any detail, you will have to go back and fill the form again. This will waste a lot of your time, which you don’t want to happen. When the application form is complete, it’s easier for us to approve your application quickly and find the right properties for you. You can fill our online tenant application form from any device while you are on the go and save a lot of time.

4) Uncomplicate Things

The last thing you want to happen to your tenant application is that it gets rejected because the landlord or real estate agent couldn’t understand things you mentioned in the form. Hence, use simple language to describe your employment status and rental history. Only submit documents that are required to avoid confusing the other party. Let every detail be precise, clear, descriptive, yet short.

You can always reach out to our real estate agents if you face any difficulty in filling your tenant application form. Our agents will ensure that you don’t make any mistakes throughout the application process.