About Us


When it comes to Calgary real estate, there’s no one better to turn to than Urban Dwellings.

Who Are We?

Four words that describe us best – Accessible, Experienced, Reliable, and Transparent.

Urban Dwellings is a small group of experts in the real estate market in Calgary, providing complete real estate-related solutions to residents and migrants.

What Do We Do?

Provide Personalized Service. Quick response. Fast Turn Around.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We take pride in providing helpful services and personalized assistance that most realtors and real estate agents in Canada fail to do.

  • We handle each property like it’s our own.
  • We work with over 13+ years of practical industry experience in Calgary.
  • We understand the requirements of each client because not everybody has the same real estate-related concerns.
  • We provide personalized and customized services to each client that approaches.
  • We manage our relationships with our tradespeople (contractor, handyman, plumber, locksmith, etc.), which means that you can also expect basic home renovation and beautification services from our end.
  • We provide all kinds of services that any buyer, seller, or tenant may require, and at affordable rates.
  • We have a list of some of the most affordable and also some of the most amazing homes across Calgary, especially in Downtown Calgary.
  • We provide pricing considerations for management fees and other services for homeowners who have more than four properties or similar.
  • We will try our best and negotiate with landlords to provide discounts to tenants upon signing a lease for an extended period, mostly more than a year.
  • For people who wish to rent their home, we pre-qualify the renters based on your criteria so that you only deal with the right people.

Need more reasons to select us and not-just-any-other-real-estate-company? Give us a call and let us explain it to you through our complimentary home and market coaching session.

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Nikzad is a Licensed Realtor®