Frequently Asked Questions

As part of our Property Management services, Urban Dwellings provides comprehensive property-related services to our clients. We offer start-to-end services for homeowners trying to sell or rent their house, for home-hunters and tenants in Calgary. Right from getting in touch with the right people to closing deals, to fostering excellent relations with them – we do it all.

Before we even show your property, we ask a few pre-screening questions to potential tenants. This allows us to gauge the seriousness of the inquiry as well as to confirm requirements such as employment and who will be living in the unit, including any pets. If these answers are sufficient, we will then schedule an appointment for a viewing of the property.

Our selection criteria fall into two categories. Primary and Secondary. Primary criteria that must be confirmed and approved:

– Employment income (viewing of recent pay stubs, employer letters, or bank statements)

– Employer references – to confirm actual full-time employment

– Landlord references – confirm they have rented in the past in a responsible manner

– Face to face meeting (usually at first property showing) to get a feel for the tenant

Secondary criteria – if we feel we need more information we will also do background checks/credit checks and may ask for personal references.

Tenants that care for your home as if it is there own are the best tenants. We take pride in finding you the best possible tenant but every home will at some point need some repair or maintenance work. Appliances may stop working efficiently, plumbing may be needed, or general repair jobs. We will work with the tenant to schedule any repair services with our professional trade partnerships. We take pride in working with skilled and reliable professionals who have a history of doing great work.

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