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Matthew N. May 17, 2019

My roommate and I were on the hunt for a cozy modern home relatively close to both of our offices but the struggle of finding the right home in Calgary can be quite overwhelming until we met with Neelam of Urban Dwellings! We inquired about the modern infill located here in Calgary, and from the first moment that we enquired till the day that Neelam happily passed us over the keys, it was the easiest, most pleasurable moving experience I have ever had. Both of us have moved multiple times, sometimes even across the country, and never in my experience has a company and one of their associates gone so out of their way to make sure that we had not only the best home searching experience but the best platform to start a landlord/tenant relationship! Working with Neelam has been truly a pleasure because she really looked at our needs, and did not judge us based on our credentials, but on who we are as people and our personalities! It is people and companies like Neelam and Urban Dwellings, where you really start to change the way you view moving. I highly recommend Urban Dwellings to anyone and everyone who is looking for an enjoyable, stress-free home searching experience, and during this experience, Neelam’s warm personality and caring attitude will reassure you that you’ve made the right decision choosing Urban Dwellings as your property professionals.