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Nicole L. March 30, 2018

We first got to know Nik as tenants of a property he was managing. We felt comfortable with him from our very first meeting. As tenants, we never had to ask for anything twice. He was always very prompt in his response and took care of all our requests. When it came time for us to purchase our own home, it was only natural for us to turn to Nik for help. He fully understood our requirements and priorities. We were on a fairly tight schedule to find a home quickly and amazingly, Nik found us our perfect new home in 2 days! The entire house hunting process was fantastic and Nik made the process so much easier than I had imagined it to be. We had so much fun that it was almost sad that all that house hunting fun was over in 2 days! After the purchase, Nik continued to check in with us and offer his assistance to ensure we had a smooth transit ion. In the process, we also met Neelam and she’s just a pleasure to work with too. She referred us to contractors we needed for the new house and kept in touch with us. It has been a absolute pleasure working with Nik and Neelam. The transition from tenants to clients and now friends is precious. I will absolutely recommend this amazing team to anyone seeking honest, reliable and professional realty assistance.